GeoTime® Glimpse for Investigators

No more waiting – Ask your questions. Get instant answers.
Quickly and clearly see where your suspect has been.

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Do it yourself in three easy steps

Icon - Import1. Drag & Drop

Instant upload and processing of your CDR and mobile forensic extraction data.

Import Raw Data
No data pre-formatting or Excel work required.

All Formats Supported
All major U.S. mobile carriers, Cellebrite UFED, XRY, Google Location History, UBER Location reports and more.

Icon - Eye2. Get Answers

See all your suspect’s activities mapped over time.

Make sense of your CDR and Cellebrite data
Easily identify top callers, top locations, time of day and relationships between phones.

Get instant answers to these questions:
Was your suspect’s phone near the crime?
Who were they calling before and after the crime?
Where were they making those calls from?

Icon - Presentation3. Take Action

One-Click Reporting
Take snapshots of the analysis, or export your work for further analysis with your team.

Identify Additional Suspects
Quickly find persons of interest from your suspect’s frequent contacts.

Verify Alibis and Submit for Warrants
See key information at a glance so you easily verify an alibi – allowing you to quickly take action.

Key Features

Instant Analysis
Top 10 Locations, Callers and more.
Heat Charts show pattern of life.
Easily read a suspect’s messages and chats.

Data Security
All data is sent via secure SSL encrypted connection.
Imported data is not stored or retained.

Reporting Outputs
Capture snapshots to be used for questioning or as part of a report.
Export your work to share with others.

Software Access
24/7 access from any browser with Internet connection.
Works within your organization’s existing IT infrastructure.
No IT setup required.

User Resources
Online Knowledge Base user portal
CDR Carrier Formats Guide – a step-by-step manual outlining the data formatting and pre-processing actions that have been automated in Glimpse.

Need to do more?

Upgrade to Offline Options

GeoTime® Glimpse Offline offers the same analysis capabilities without the need for an Internet connection.

Also available: GeoTime® Desktop and GeoTime® Offline Map Pack

Advanced Analysis

Export your Glimpse data and take it to the next level in GeoTime® Desktop for further analysis.

For complex cases with multiple devices, suspects and data sets.

Take it to Court

Prepare your analysis in GeoTime® Desktop in snapshot, video, or PowerPoint form.

Easily present to prosecutors and juries at the moment that matters, and close the case in court.