GeoTime® for ArcGIS Extension

GeoTime adds time as the 3rd dimension and allows you to visualize movements, changes and patterns within your time series data.

  • View time and locations simultaneously
  • Real-time animated playback of time series data
  • Automated analysis tools for location patterns and trends
  • Bi-directional workflow with ArcGIS

How it is used today:

  • Visualizing tracking or movement data
  • Analysis of time series records
  • Communications analysis
  • Identifying patterns within time series data

How it works

  • GeoTime works alongside of ArcGIS, with a dedicated Extension for ArcGIS 9.3 and 10.X releases
  • The GeoTime for ArcGIS Extension allows GeoTime to stream in all of your existing map data and imagery
  • Feature layers are sent to GeoTime for analysis with via the Extension
  • Feature selection can be sent back from GeoTime for further analysis