GeoTime® Desktop

The industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool, capturing time and space.

Currently used by HIDTA’s, fusion centers, national defense organizations and law enforcement agencies worldwide for criminal investigations, intel analysis, surveillance operations and courtroom presentations.

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GeoTime interface screenshots in 3D view

Call Records Analysis

Mobile Device Forensic Analysis

Social Media Analysis

GPS Data Analysis

Key Features & Benefits

Icon - ImportImport

Cleans and formats CDR data
Transform raw call detail records data into readable content that is easy to understand

Import data from a variety of sources
CDRs, GPS, Cellebrite, XRY, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more

Live email pings
Connect email accounts to automatically map location alerts in real time.

Icon - EyeAnalysis

See better in 3D
GeoTime’s 3D timeline shows the stories hidden by traditional mapping and GIS tools

Chart Analysis
Easily identify top callers, top locations, time of day and relationships between entities

Automated Analysis Tools
Automatically find meetings, important locations and gaps in your data to place targets at the crime

Icon - PresentationReporting

One-Click Report Publishing
Outputs visuals as PowerPoint, animated videos & images; high-impact courtroom presentations

Animated Videos
Present target movement over time by sharing animated videos with investigators, analysts and courtroom presenters

Annotating & Map Graphics
Mark up maps with notes and annotations to help tell your story

The GeoTime® Advantage

Utilities and Resources

GeoTime Carrier Formats Guide (CFG)
A step-by-step guide to manually formatting and importing Call Detail Record (CDR)

GeoTime Formats Subscription
Automatically cleans up raw call detail records (CDR) directly within GeoTime Desktop.

Technical Support and User Communities

Dedicated technical support
Your initial purchase of GeoTime software includes ongoing telephone and online support

GeoTime User Group
Ask questions and share best practices with thousands of domain experts from around the world

Training and Certification

Online training
Access ongoing opportunities to improve skills with complimentary online training and webinars

Training & Certification
Offered all over the world, GeoTime training classes provide users with hands-on experience and certification