GeoTime® Server

Put the full force of your law enforcement agency behind every case.

Collaborate between detectives, analysts and prosecutors on the industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool.

Connect investigative experts together on every browser at your agency.

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Key Features

Built on the award-winning GeoTime technology.

Icon - synced between two law enforcement officers


One central workspace
Consolidate case information and work together on the same data.

See what your analysts see – no technical restrictions in the way.

Icon - Law enforcement officers analyzing together

Analyze Together

Present analysis results directly
Post questions and comments in the context of the case.

Analysts and investigators work in sync on the same page.

Icon - Secure sharing between law enforcement officers

Share Securely

Collaborate confidently
Works with your organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

No need for third-party cloud services or untrusted servers.

Icon - Integration from server to browser


Unified workflow
Works directly with GeoTime desktop system, third-party solutions & tools.

No silos: Seamless transition of case reports across departments.