GeoTime® CRT

Automatically clean up call detail records across all carrier reporting formats.

Quickly identify usage and location patterns, including:

  • Top callers and locations
  • Pattern of life
  • Automated summaries by month, week and day
  • Instant heatmap of top locations

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Screenshot compilation of GeoTime CRT analysis heatmap reports, such as Top Calls, Pattern of Life, Automated Summaries and Activity by Hour

Key Features

Icon - Mobile devices

All U.S. phone carriers supported

All U.S. carriers supported with more consistent Excel output

Icon - Multiple reports

AT&T PDF support and duplicate record filtering

Multiple file formats supported, including CSV, PDF, and seamlessly formatted into Excel

Icon - Organized data chart

Formatted and enhanced CDR data

CRT creates new columns from the CDR records to add additional details about each activity, as well as making the data easy to interpret

Icon - Merge datasets

Merge tower records tool

Merge multiple Excel files together into a single Excel workbook

Icon - Time change

Automated time adjustments

Adjusts for multiple time zones and offsets time stamps for daylight savings

Icon - Multiple people

Human readable content

Transforms raw cell detail records data into human readable content that is easy to understand and compare


Get More Convictions

GeoTime CRT saves you man hours spent processing CDR files so you can spend more time and resources on in-depth analysis

More Accurate Insights

Enriched data output allows more in-depth initial conclusions and investigative direction

Organizational Consistency

From detectives and investigators through to technical analysts, CRT provides a common platform and language for interdepartmental teams

Share Results More Broadly

Human readable output allows investigators and detectives to perform quick and basic analysis on call detail records without relying on technical personnel to perform initial analysis

Maintain Control; Ensure Data Integrity

CRT outputs consistent data across carriers and minimizes margin of error and ensures data integrity in court with a consistent format for prosecutors to present

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