See more with GeoTime® 5.8

Dec 6, 2016

Analyze faster and smarter in the context of geographic proximity and movement.

In this release, easily identify when your targets are near important people and places with the new co-travel pattern and geocoding.

Maintenance subscription customers will receive the update upon launch later this month.


Co-Travel Pattern

Calculate possible co-travel between entities inside your big data.


Search a location or address inside the program, then layer onto your analysis for quick insights.

Ruler Upgrade

Measure distances between phone calls and locations of interest.

Improved Usability and Workflow

  • Ability to define header rows for XLS/CSV files, and to truncate rows off end of file
  • Cell sectors can now be rendered as arrows instead of geometries
  • Time zone is now optional in the GeoTime timeline
  • Event fit operations now include event duration and region
  • Easier and cleaner video capturing
  • Define a custom delimiter for CSV files
  • Ruler annotation now draws between two places
  • Higher memory allocation for power users
  • All extensions can now be installed and uninstalled separate from GeoTime
  • Timeline is no longer partially hidden

Time Savings

  • Geocoding address lookup
  • Auto-sizing detail callouts
  • New Co-Travel pattern
  • Detail Callouts (previously Event Detail Callouts) for places and link events
  • Search keywords inside the Activity Matrix

Mapping Support

  • Higher resolution WMS maps now supported
  • New default WMS server
  • TOC Support for ArcGIS 10.4

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