GeoTime Regional Training – Fall 2013 Schedule

Sep 16, 2013

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce the fall schedule for our GeoTime Regional Training Classes. The classes are hands on and will run for roughly 3.5 hours. This introductory class is being offered free of charge thanks to the local hosts who are listed below. To register, please email and include your choice of the AM or PM class, as well as other relevant contact information.

Note: these training classes are restricted to active law enforcement personnel only.

Course Length: 3.5 hours

Course Agenda:

      • Call Detail Records (CDR) importing basics
        • Handling tower lists
        • Merging CDR records
      • Playing back call records over time
      • Recognizing patterns in the data
        • Movement
        • Stops
        • Repeated activities
        • Identifying a homebase
        • Trips
        • Outliers
      • Time based analysis
        • Hour of day
        • Day of week
        • Before and after event(s) of interest
      • Advanced CDR Import
        • Preprocessing AT&T V2 CDR .TXT file
        • Importing the data
          • Voice
          • SMS
          • Data
      • Importing and merging multiple handsets
      • Identify meetings between suspects
      • Adding in locations of interest
        • Crime location
        • Homebase
      • Identifying stationary periods
      • Identifying the most visited locations
      • Producing reports
        • Writing up analysis process and findings
        • Adding screenshots
        • Exporting a PowerPoint
      • Producing animated videos of the data

Course Locations and Details:
Bellevue, WA Area Training – Sept 23rd (Mon, PM) & Sept 24th (AM+PM classes are FULL)
Sponsor: Bellevue Police Department
Houston, TX Area Training – Oct 2nd (Wed, AM+PM)
Sponsor: Houston HIDTA
Hartford, CT Area Training – Oct 18th (Fri, AM+PM)
Sponsor: Hartford Police Department
Sacramento, CA Area Training – Nov 15th (Fri, AM+PM)
Sponsor: Sacramento County Sheriff

AM Classes are from 09:00 to 12:30
PM Classes are from 13:00 to 16:40

To register, please email and include your choice of the AM or PM class, as well as other relevant contact information.
A big thanks to our hosts for their assistance in supporting these training events. If your agency is interested in hosting a GeoTime Regional Training Session, please contact us for more info.
The GeoTime Team