GeoTime Training Courses

Students with GeoTime training and certification

Call Record Analysis, Level 1

The Call Records Analysis Level 1 class will cover cell site analysis workflows, including CDR record formatting, mapping of CDRs and reporting.

GeoTime Call Records Tool (GT-CRT)

  • Matching switch names in Verizon
  • T-Mobile with time offset
  • AT&T with Links

Handling Multiple Handsets

  • Merge multiple sets of records

Terminating Tower Locations

  • Adding terminating tower location

Adding Locations of Interest

Finding Patterns

  • Identify meetings between suspects
  • Identifying stationary periods
  • Identifying the most visited locations
  • Identifying when a suspect is near an area of interest

Basic Links and Communications

  • Visual call direction between entities

Charting and Filtering

  • Top Callers
  • Call Frequency
  • Pattern of Life Analysis
  • Chart by custom fields
  • Filter by Caller
  • Filter by Duration

Marking up your data

  • Drawing
  • Annotations


  • Producing PowerPoint for court
  • Producing Videos for court

Call Record Analysis, Level 2

The Call Record Analysis Level 2 course is an advanced class focusing on advanced importing workflows, the GeoTime Call Records Tool and producing presentations for court.

Call Detail Records (CDR) importing basics

  • Handling tower lists
  • Merging CDR Records

Playing back call records over time

Recognizing patterns in the data

  • Movement
  • Stops
  • Repeated activities
  • Identifying a home base
  • Trips
  • Outliers

Time-based analysis

  • Hour of day
  • Day of week
  • Before and after event(s) of interest

Adding in locations of interest

  • Crime location
  • Home base

Advanced CDR Import

  • Pre-processing AT&T V2 CDR.TXT file
  • Importing the data

Producing reports

  • Writing up analysis process and findings
  • Adding screenshots
  • Exporting a PowerPoint

Producing animated videos of the data

Processing CDR using Automated Processing Tools

Mobile Forensics Analysis, Level 1

The Mobile Forensics Analysis Level 1 class provides hands-on training for personnel involved in criminal investigations, criminal prosecution and crime analysis.

GeoTime Overview

Introduction to Mobile Forensics Analysis terms and theory

Data investigation

  • What is available?

Creating videos and reports

Cellebrite Analysis

  • Data formatting
  • Mapping and analysis

Combining with other data

  • CDR
  • Multiple phones
  • Crime data

Hands-on Practice