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ArcGIS® + GeoTime® featured in Italian industry magazine – Sicurezza e Giustizia

As more agencies across the globe adopt technology to support call record analysis, GeoTime is featured in the Italian industry magazine - Sicurezza e Giustizia (Security and Justice) as one ...

Oct 6, 2017

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GeoTime used in active robbery case in Austria

Since June 30, a series of robberies happened in Austria, taking place in broad daylight at different times and places. These robberies targeted pensioners, and to date, seven victims remain ...

Jul 19, 2017

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GeoTime featured in German publication “Bildwelten des Wissens”

GeoTime was recently featured in the latest volume "Spuren" (Vol. 13) of the academic art-historical German publication series “Bildwelten des Wissens” ("Image Worlds of Knowledge"). This volume discusses different forms ...

Jul 7, 2017

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Powerful reporting in GeoTime® 5.9

Follow your target's activities across the map, recording time-specified videos, with new map details for easy understanding at one glance. Analyze in real-time, with simple connections and mapping of live ...

Jun 21, 2017

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GeoTime at CHIA 2017 Conference

This week, Mike Berndl is at the California Homicide Investigators Association Conference in Las Vegas! Stop by the GeoTime booth to say hi, and see for yourself how our latest ...

Mar 1, 2017

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GeoTime Call Records Tool 4.6 Release

Always up-to-date with call record formats from all US mobile carriers. New in this release: Supporting XRY, Cellebrite and Google Location Reports Add context from mobile forensic data, layering SMS ...

Feb 16, 2017

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