Let the jury see where your suspect has been, with GeoTime Desktop 6.0.

Create clear, compelling reports and videos to tell the entire criminal story in court.

Make use of all data sources across an entire case to:

  • Follow suspects virtually;
  • Add context to communications, and
  • Destroy alibis and confirm criminal intent.

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Get Started With GeoTime®

By automatically linking the calls, locations and individuals, GeoTime produces a complete timeline of CDR records plotted on a map.

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Keys to Investigative Success

Hear from law enforcement clients about how they’ve used GeoTime to help solve cases and communicate actionable data to drive investigations forward.

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GeoTime Regional Training

Hands-on learning is offered to personnel involved in criminal investigations, prosecution and analysis. Attend a GTRT class near you!

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GeoTime® for Law Enforcement

  • The best presentation tool for communicating data with investigators, analysts and in the courtroom
  • The industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool for Law Enforcement
  • Statistically proven to increase analyst accuracy and efficiency
  • Proven track record in achieving criminal convictions
  • Works with your existing analysis tool and data sources
  • IALEIA, DARPA and IEEE award-winning
GeoTime interface screenshots in 3D view
Screenshot compilation of GeoTime CRT analysis heatmap reports, such as Top Calls, Pattern of Life, Automated Summaries and Activity by Hour

GeoTime® CRT

The GeoTime® Call Records Tool (CRT) is a standalone utility that quickly cleans up raw call detail records (CDR). Supporting all carrier formats, the GeoTime CRT outputs formatted files ready to be imported into any mapping or analysis tool.

  • All US carriers supported
  • Automated analysis of CDR records
  • Formatted and enhanced CDR data
  • Merge tower records tools
  • Automated time adjustments

GeoTime® Server

Put the full force of your law enforcement agency behind every case.
Collaborate between detectives, analysts and prosecutors on the industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool.
Connect investigative experts together on every browser at your agency.

GeoTime Server workflow infographic

Case Studies with our Clients

GeoTime in the Courtroom

Years after the incident, Houston HIDTA visualized the original cell phone data to convict the homicide suspect.

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The Need to Track in Both Time and Space

With GeoTime, LA CLEAR analysts can now process call detail records in seconds and arm prosecutors with the evidence needed for a conviction.

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Ogden City Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center

See how GeoTime is used across multiple cases to establish timelines with CDR and GPS data, spot crime trends and visually recreate crime scenes for jury.

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