Combine all of your case data to see what really happened

See the story that devices tell when you combine the “when” and “where”

  • Easily map any data with the industry’s most comprehensive support for data formats: mobile carriers, Cellebrite, Google, UBER, Lyft, Berla and more
  • Combine data from many different sources on a single map to see the “when” and “where” of your suspects movements
  • Quickly validate alibis and see who was at multiple sites, from tower dumps with geolocation

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By automatically linking the calls, locations and individuals, GeoTime produces a complete timeline of CDR records plotted on a map.

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Keys to Investigative Success

Hear from law enforcement clients about how they’ve used GeoTime to help solve cases and communicate actionable data to drive investigations forward.

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GeoTime Regional Training

Hands-on learning is offered to personnel involved in criminal investigations, prosecution and analysis. Attend a GeoTime Regional Training class near you!

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GeoTime® for Law Enforcement

  • The best presentation tool for communicating data with investigators, analysts and in the courtroom
  • The industry’s only 3D mapping and analysis tool for Law Enforcement
  • Statistically proven to increase analyst accuracy and efficiency
  • Proven track record in achieving criminal convictions
  • Works with your existing analysis tool and data sources
  • IALEIA, DARPA and IEEE award-winning
GeoTime interface screenshots in 3D view
Screenshot compilation of GeoTime CRT analysis heatmap reports, such as Top Calls, Pattern of Life, Automated Summaries and Activity by Hour

GeoTime® Glimpse

The GeoTime® Glimpse for Investigators is a browser-based online service that quickly processes CDR and mobile forensic extraction data. Do it yourself in 3 easy steps and quickly answer key questions for your investigations.

  1. Drag and Drop your data: Instant upload and processing of CDR and mobile forensic extractions, including Cellebrite, XRY, Google Locations and all major U.S. mobile carriers.
  2. Instant Answers at a Glance to these questions:
    • Was your suspect’s phone near the crime?
    • Who were they calling before and after the crime?
    • Where were they making those calls from?
  3. Take Action with one-click reporting, identify additional suspects and verify alibis and submit for warrants.

GeoTime® Enterprise

A case management system that works with all of your agency’s investigative data, combining the ease and power of our drag-and-drop format support (CDRs, tower dumps, mobile forensics, and more) with big data technology.

  • Combine data from different sources
  • Handle millions of rows of data
  • Automated reporting
  • Agency wide cross-case search
  • Lightning-fast to speed up investigations

GeoTime® Live

This new crime-fighting tool for your mobile phone lets you see live ping emails instantly on a map. No more copying and pasting coordinates from your inbox. The map refreshes automatically so you can focus on your subjects’ movements on any device.

  • Real-time sharing with no passwords needed
  • See the accuracy for each ping on your map
  • Works on any mobile phone, computer, tablet or toughbook

Case Studies with our Clients

GeoTime in the Courtroom

Years after the incident, Houston HIDTA visualized the original cell phone data to convict the homicide suspect.

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The Need to Track in Both Time and Space

With GeoTime, LA CLEAR analysts can now process call detail records in seconds and arm prosecutors with the evidence needed for a conviction.

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Ogden City Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center

See how GeoTime is used across multiple cases to establish timelines with CDR and GPS data, spot crime trends and visually recreate crime scenes for jury.

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