When I open GeoTime, Excel crashes or I get error in Excel > GeoTime Configuration Menu

The problem could be that you are running an english version of Excel but the region settings for your computer are configured for another language.  Install the “Multilingual User Interface Pack” for version of Microsoft Office.

Importing Excel date/time format seems to add “0” in front of time where it is 1:40PM.

Ensure that when you are choosing the column for date/time in your configuration that you hit the "Format" button.  This will allow you to specify arbitrary date/time formats (by entering format strings like yyyy/MM/dd H:mm:ss).  Here's a guide to getting hours working in the format you need:

h --> hours on a 12 hour clock, one or two digits (1-12)
hh --> hours on a 12 hour clock, always two digits (01-12)
H --> hours on a 24 hour clock, one or two digits (0-23)
HH --> hours on a 24 hour clock, always two digits (00-23)

No GMT listed as the time zone, assumed it was EST not GMT

GeoTime should be treating all times in Excel as if they were specified in GMT unless a timezone is explicitly appended to the end of the date/time.  GeoTime itself also only shows time in GMT.   

I don’t have the Add-Ins tab in Excel (2007) so I can’t see the GeoTime buttons.

Under Excel Options -> Add-Ins, I can see the GeoTime Extension Toolbar but it is disabled. If I try to enable it I get this message: “The connected state of the Office Add-Ins registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE cannot be changed.”

If the Excel plug-in used to work please get an administrator to log in and see if it works under their account.  Also get them to re-enable it (Through Excel Options -> Add-Ins).

How do you change the background colour in Geotime?

This is not adjustable.

How do you change the shapes of the data objects (sprites)?

  1. Highlight the data object that you wish to change.

  2. Right click and select Object Properties… click on the Icon File entry field area.

  3. Select a file, or image that you would like to replace the original shape with.  This could be an image, or a shape of your choice.

  4.  or, at data import time, include a path to the icon in each record.