Installation & Licensing

GeoTime 5.1 Installation Guide

Updated Nov. 2010


Upgrading GeoTime 5.0 to 5.1

  1. GeoTime 5.0 to 5.1 Upgrade Instructions:

    1)      Create a backup of your GeoTime 5.0 license file

    a.       From the GeoTime 5.0 application folder ‘C:\Program Files\GeoTime-5.0.0’, copy the file ‘license.lic’  to your desktop

    2)      Uninstall GeoTime 5.0

    a.       Start>All Programs>GeoTime 5.0>Uninstall GeoTime

    3)      Install GeoTime 5.1

    4)      Copy your license file to the GeoTime 5.1 folder

    a.       Copy ‘license.lic’ from your desktop to ‘C:\Program Files\GeoTime-5.1.0’



Q The option to install the ArcMapExtension is grayed out in the installer. Why can't I install it?
A The GeoTime ArcMapExtension requires ArcMap9.2 or higher and Microsoft .Net 2.0 Service Pack 1 or higher. Both of these must be present on your system for the ArcMapExtension to be installed.
 Q Installation fails with the message "A problem occurred registering the ArcGIS Extension." What happened?
 A The GeoTime ArcMapExtension could not find the ESRI .Net assemblies. The most likely cause is that these assemblies were not installed when you installed ArcMap. First, ensure that .Net 2.0 SP1 or higher is installed. Then, to install the .Net assemblies, goto the Control Panel and select Add Remove Programs. Find ArcGIS and click the "Modify" option. An ArgGISinstall wizard should show. In “Feature selection”pane under “Applications”select the ".NET Support" and make sure it is installed. Finish the wizard, let ArcGIS install these features, and then reinstall GeoTime.
Q Running Excel after installation pops up a message saying that “stdole”cannot be found. The GeoTime extension is disabled.
A If you installed the .NET Framework after you installed Office, Office did not install all required .NET
files needed by GeoTime.You will need to rerun Office setup.Go to Control Panel and:
  1. Select Add or Remove Features, and click Next.
  2. Select the Choose advanced customization of applications check box and click Update.
  3. Expand the Excel group and select .NET Programmability Support. Make sure you choose Run from My Computer. Do not choose install on first use.
When the installation completes, rerun Excel.Everything should now be working.
 Q The installer pops up a dialog saying that it cannot write toa file
 A Ensure you have write permissions on your hard drive. If you are not sure, talk to a system administrator. Ensure that all other applications are closed (Check the task manager if you’re still having problems as some software may not have closed properly). Make sure that you are only installing the GeoTime extensions for software that you have installed. If you attempt to install the ArcMapextension and you don’t already have ArcMapinstalled, your GeoTime installation will fail.
 Q When I try to run GeoTime it tells me “Could not find the license file”and exits. What’s wrong?
 A You are missing the license.licfile. If you have been provided with a license.licfile, it must be placed in the GeoTime installation folder. The default installation folder is:
C:/Program Files/GeoTime-4.0.1/

To install GeoTime and the license at the same time, ensure that the license.licfile is placed in the same folder as the Install GeoTime 4.exebefore you run the install.
 Q I’m still having problems.
 A Open the GeoTime help documentation from the GeoTime group in the Windows Start Menu. Read the troubleshooting guide and the FlexLMlicensing guide. If you still have problems, please see GeoTime online support at