GeoTime Academic Pricing Program

GeoTime can be a powerful addition to a variety of post-secondary programs and disciplines. Designed for researchers and qualifying academic institutions, the “GeoTime Education” license provides a cost effective way to apply GeoTime’s unique visual analysis capabilities to everything from doctoral research to classroom teaching and training.

The GeoTime Academic Pricing Program is designed to offer the use of GeoTime to researchers and academics, within their term based budget requirements. The program provides the following:

  • Use of a GeoTime Education license (12 month term)
  • Active maintenance on the license, which includes all major and minor updates
  • Both the Microsoft Excel Add-on and ESRI ArcMap Extension
  • Full documentation and tutorials included in the commercial
  • release

Some conditions apply to the GeoTime Academic Pricing Program:

  • License may only be used for research and/or education purposes at approved academic institutions.
  • Pricing only applies to purchases made via credit card. An administration fee of $275 is applied to all purchases made without a credit card.
  • User and technical support is provided on a fee for service basis.
  • Pricing is applicable to recognized and accredited institutions only.
  • All published materials that contain content created with GeoTime must include the following acknowledgement: “Oculus GeoTime® software used courtesy of Oculus Info Inc. All rights reserved."
  • Oculus may use the institution's name on their website and/or other marketing materials.



For full details on pricing and terms, please review:

GeoTime Academic Pricing Program PDF

For classroom and institution pricing options, send contact us full details:

Placing an order

 To place an order, simple download and complete the following form:

GeoTime Purchase Order Form PDF

Once completed, simply send your completed form back to us:



Fax: 416-203-0646 - ATTN: Warren Shultz



  • Is annual maintenance required to purchase licenses via the GeoTime Academic Pricing Program?
    • Yes, annual maintenance must be purchased for licenses under the Research and Academic Pricing Program.
  • Can I still purchase a perpetual license of GeoTime for research or academic use?
    • Yes, perpetual licenses of GeoTime can still be purchased for research and academic use. Please contact us for additional details.
  • What documentation/tutorials are included with the GeoTime software?
    • Full documentation, tutorials and samples are included with your purchase of GeoTime.
  • How is the GeoTime software delivered?
    • GeoTime can be delivered electronically or shipped on physical media at an additional cost.
  • What is the best way to send my credit card details to Oculus?
    • Credit card information can be submitted via email or fax. Please ensure that all faxes are sent in “ATTN: Warren Shultz”
  • What are the hardware requirements for GeoTime?
    • The hardware requirements for GeoTime can be found here.
  • What is the GeoTime license relocation fee?
    • Moving a license of GeoTime from one system to another (or to the same system that has had a hostname change) is considered a license relocation. There is an administration fee associated with license relocations that is listed in the “GeoTime Research and Academic Pricing Program PDF” above.
  • Can I install 1 license on 2 different machines as long as both machines aren’t using it at the same time?
    • Network or floating licenses of GeoTime are not offered under the GeoTime Research and Academic Pricing Program. Please contact us for details on network licenses of GeoTime.
  • What is included as part of the maps add-on DVD for GeoTime?
    • The add-on maps for GeoTime includes world level imagery with basic country borders. The imagery does not provide city or street level detail.
  • Does the education license of GeoTime include the Excel Add-on and ArcMap Extension?
    • Yes, all the add-ons and extensions that come with a commercial license of GeoTime are included with an education license.


    If you have any questions or would like more details on purchasing GeoTime, please contact us at or call 416-203-3003