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7 Billion: How Did we Get So Big So fast - Dynamic Visualizations and Metaphors

16/11/2011 3:09:44 PM
by Sebastian Schweigert
Sometimes a static graphic alone can't tell the complex visual story hidden in your data.  NPR has provided a great example in this video of how to using moving and animated elements to tell a story of how the world's population has grown to 7 billion people. Watch as they use the flow of water to indicate births and deaths and color to separate each continent.  You'll notice they also shift between different visualization techniques to emphasise different elements of their story. For example, they use an Area Chart in order show the worlds total population grow over time.  When you're visualization your data, keep in mind that you may need separate visual representations for the different types of data you wish to share. 

Click on the Image below top view the video.