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GeoTime Call Records Tool 4.1: Automatic CDR analysis is here

21/05/2015 4:38:33 PM
by Global Administrator

New GridView includes:

  • Includes Analysis Summary with Top Contacts, Top Locations, and usage statistics.
  • Activity by Month, Week, and Day heat maps.
  • Pattern of life and relationship analysis.

Numbers of Interest & Contacts:

  • TargetNumber and OtherParty now isolated in a single column across all carriers.
  • Quickly associate names with phone numbers across all worksheets
See GeoTime CRT 4.1 in action at the GeoTime channel on YouTube.

Introducing GeoTime CRT 4.0. Automated Cleaning of Call Detail Records (CDR)

23/03/2015 2:05:17 PM
by Global Administrator

This month the GeoTime formally Introduced the GeoTime Call Records Tool (CRT) to the world.


The GeoTime CRT is a standalone utility that quickly cleans up raw call detail records (CDR).Supporting all major US carrier formats, the GeoTime CRT outputs formatted files ready to be imported into any mapping or analysis tool. Visit our product centre to learn more about the GeoTime CRT.

You can also watch this short video to see the GeoTime CRT in action.

If you are interested in trying the GeoTime CRT, you contact us at


Introducing Uncharted Software: Same great products, new company name!

19/02/2015 11:18:07 PM
by Global Administrator
The company behind GeoTime, Oculus Info Inc, has unveiled a new corporate name and will be operating as Uncharted Software Inc effective immediately. The company has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings and as it evolves, Uncharted™ (formerly Oculus™), is just as excited and committed to solving our customers' tough data visualization problems as we were when we started out 14 years ago. 

This name change reflects our business today as well as our plans for the future and represents the growth in our team and the evolving diversity of our product offerings.


For our users and customers, this change is in name only. Outside of changes to our company logo and email addresses, everything remains “business as usual”. You will be working with the same people that you have always worked with and our teams remain dedicated to innovation, service excellence and providing great technical support and products. 

Just in case you have questions about the new company name, we have put together this easy to read FAQ.

If you have any questions about this change, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the GeoTime Team at



08/01/2015 11:34:26 AM
by Global Administrator
An updated release of GeoTime 5.6.1 is now available to all customers on active maintenance. 

For access to the new GeoTime 5.6.1 download, please contact 

Oculus Receives IALEIA President's Award 2014

08/12/2014 1:45:53 PM
by Global Administrator
This year, Oculus was a proud recipient of an International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) President's Award.  

Presented at the IALEIA Annual Training event in Atlanta, Georgia, the Award recognizes Oculus' continued support and active involvement with the Association. Oculus Info has worked with IALEIA over the years, regularly attending the IALEIA annual training conference, providing IALEIA members with training and webinars.

Adeel Khamisa, Lead Product Specialist, Oculus Info accepting
IALEIA President's Award from IALEIA president Jenny Johnstone

CIO Review Names Oculus in 20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers 2014

08/12/2014 1:26:28 PM
by Global Administrator
For their first annual Special GIS Edition, the editorial team at CIO Review evaluated hundreds of solution providers, selecting only a handful to be profiled as the "20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers 2014" 

We were thrilled to see Oculus Info named on this list.

"Oculus as a company is primarily a research and development organization, which puts it in the unique position of being able to devote the majority of our resources towards researching new methods of solving complex geospatial challenges through visualization. They then take what they have learned through this research and use it to drive their COTS products forward, which provide a broad set of users with powerful
visualization and analysis tools.

Click here for full Oculus Info 2014 profile.

Announcing GeoTime 5.6 For Cell Site Analysis

23/07/2014 12:30:40 PM
by Global Administrator

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce GeoTime 5.6 for Cell Site Analysis, an analysis and reporting tool designed to support the historical analysis of call detail records (CDR) and live location alerts from mobile carriers. This new release of GeoTime helps law enforcement personnel with pre-processing carrier CDR formats, the analysis of a device’s location over time, as well as tools to easily create animated video reports. GeoTime includes a variety of resources and training programs to help new and existing users put these new capabilities to work as quickly as possible.


Advanced Cell Site Analysis Tools

  • New radius annotation to create visual buffers around locations such as cell towers
  • Improved cell tower sectors look and feel for improved reporting
  • Calls and SMS events can now be displayed at the center of the sector or at the tower location
  • New GeoTime Call Record Tools (GT-CRT) for automated pre-processing of mobile carrier record formats
  • Expanded CDR Carrier Formats Guide with enhanced support for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile carrier formats


Multi-source Reporting

  • Add image content from any source such as photos, charts, maps, satellite imagery from 3rd party applications.
  • Advanced HTML editing of callout annotation contents


Live Location Alerts

  • GeoTime now supports Microsoft Exchange for live import of location alert emails
  • Support for new coordinate system formats, including PENLINK’s email alerts

Learn more about GeoTime 5.6 in the What's New section
The GeoTime Team

FCIAA 2014 and new AppleTV prize winner!

23/06/2014 12:23:14 PM
by Global Administrator
The GeoTime Team headed down to Orlando last week to attend the annual Florida Crime and Intel Analysis Association (FCIAA) conference. We had a great time, met some great analysts and look forward to returning next year.

We were most impressed with Det. Mundell’s talk on Social Media in Law Enforcement. Learned a ton!

The winner for the AppleTV prize draw is Sheena from Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, who will now be watching Netflix with ease! Congratulations to Sheena.

The GeoTime Team

GeoTime 5.5.4 Update Release Ready For Download

20/05/2014 7:02:56 PM
by Global Administrator
An updated release of GeoTime 5.5 is now available to all customers on active maintenance. This new release brings support for the latest release of Esri's ArcGIS 10.2.1 update, as well as minor bug fixes and improvements. Full details can be found in the GeoTime Online User Forums. 

For access to the new GeoTime 5.5.4 download, please contact 

The GeoTime Team

GeoTime Regional Training Classes - Spring 2014 Schedule

10/02/2014 11:47:27 AM
by Global Administrator

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce our spring schedule for the GeoTime Regional Training Classes. This year, we have expended our classes to include a Level 2 class for advanced cell site analysis techniques, which picks up where the Level 1 classes finished off. Both classes are hands on, focusing on real world techniques for call records analysis, including data pre-processing, import, analysis and reporting. Attendees who complete any of the classes will receive a certificate of attendance. This year we have expanded our list of cities where we will be offering classes and will continue to add new cities throughout the year. The GeoTime Regional Training classes will continue to be offered at no charge again this year. 

Note: training classes are restricted to active law enforcement and military personnel only.

Current Class Schedule

March 6+7: Los Angeles, CA - Level 1 & 2 Classes
Host agency: LA CLEAR
April 23+24: Toronto, ON, Canada - Level 1 & 2 Classes
Host agency: Oculus Info Inc.
April 29+30: Bellevue, WA - Level 1 & 2 Classes
Host agency: Bellevue Police Department


To register for any of the confirmed classes, please visit our events page

If you are interested in hosting a future class, please contact Curtis Garton, GeoTime Product Manager at


Tentative Classes

April: Oslo, Norway
April: Vienna, Austria
April: London, UK
May: Atlanta, GA, USA
May: New York, NY, USA
May: Philadelphia, PA, USA

To be notified of confirmed dates for any of the tentative classes listed above, please email us at and we will contact you as soon as the dates have been confirmed. 

Cell Site Analysis Training Class - Level 1



Course Length: 3.5 hours

Course Agenda:

  • Call Detail Records (CDR) importing basics

    • Handling tower lists

    • Merging CDR records

  • Playing back call records over time

  • Recognizing patterns in the data

    • Movement

    • Stops

    • Repeated activities

    • Identifying a home base

    • Trips

    • Outliers

  • Time based analysis

    • Hour of day

    • Day of week

    • Before and after event(s) of interest

  • Advanced CDR Import

    • Pre-processing AT&T CDR .TXT file

    • Importing the data

      • Voice

      • SMS

      • Data

  • Importing and merging multiple handsets

  • Identify meetings between suspects

  • Adding in locations of interest

    • Crime location

    • Homebase

  • Identifying stationary periods

  • Identifying the most visited locations

  • Producing reports

    • Writing up analysis process and findings

    • Adding screenshots

    • Exporting a PowerPoint

  • Producing animated videos of the data


Cell Site Analysis Training Class - Level 2



Course Length: 7.5 hours

Course Agenda:

  • Data preparation
    • Naming and organizing records
  • GeoTime Call Records Tool
    • AT&T import
    • Sprint import
    • Verizon import
  • Handling Multiple Handsets
    • Merge multiple sets of records
  • Terminating Tower Locations
    • Adding terminating tower locations
  • Finding Patterns
    • Identify meetings between suspects
    • Identifying stationary periods
    • Identifying the most visited locations
  • Basic Links and Communications
    • Visual call direction between entities
  • Marking up your data:
    • Drawing
    • Annotations
  • Reporting
    • Producing PowerPoints for Court
    • Producing Videos for Court

A big thanks to our hosting partners for their support in facilitating these training events.



The GeoTime Team