Purchasing GeoTime

GeoTime Pricing

The GeoTime Standalone Starter Pack is priced at $3975 USD and includes:

  • One standalone machine locked perpetual license of Oculus GeoTime
  • First year of maintenance
  • “Getting Started” online training
  • Two hours telephone support
  • Tutorials, Samples and Product Documentation
  • GeoTime for ArcGIS Extension
  • GeoTime for Excel Add-in

For detailed pricing and quotations, please contact us at info@geotime.com

Purchasing Options

Purchase via telephone

    For credit card and money order purchases, please contact us at 416-203-3003

Purchase Order

Purchase Online

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Commercial Licensing Options

GeoTime supports two licensing options:

 Standalone Machine License (SML)
  • Sold in single license increments
  • Includes first year of maintenance, support and our web-based GeoTime: Getting Started Training course

 Concurrent Network License (CNL)

  • Starting purchase of two licenses
  • Volume pricing applies at purchases over 10 licenses
  • Includes first year of maintenance, support and our web-based GeoTime: Getting Started Training course

Academic Pricing Program

Oculus offers Educational licenses of GeoTime for researchers and academics doing non-commercial work or studies at appoved accademic institutions. For complete pricing and conditions, please see the program details here:

GeoTime Academic Pricing Program

Support and Maintenance

Every new license of GeoTime comes with the first year of maintenance included. Having maintenance entitles you to all new releases, both minor bug fixes and major releases of the software. There are currently no “upgrade only” purchase options for GeoTime, only customers on active maintenance qualify for upgrade releases. New licenses also include 2 hours of telephone support time.

Additional support time and maintenance renewal programs are available to all GeoTime customers. For more information please us at info@geotime.com for details and pricing.



Each purchase of GeoTime comes with our web-based “GeoTime: Getting Started Training” course. This training is delivered live via the web (Adobe Flash required) to a single individual or group of new users. On-site and advanced training courses are available, customized to suit customer’s individual needs.

Classroom licensing options are available for all training and academic institutions.

Please contact us at info@geotime.com for course and pricing details.


Professional Services

With a team of development and integration experts, we have everything you need to customize GeoTime to meet your specific requirements. From the addition of new functionality to integration within your unique IT environment, our professional services team has the expertise and experience to satisfy your needs. For more information about our professional services, please contact us at  info@geotime.com.


Current Product Version

GeoTime 5.6 - August 2014

GeoTime Offline Map Pack 2014 - June 2014

For full system requirements, please visit the GeoTime System Requirements page.


If you have any questions or would like more details on purchasing GeoTime, please contact us at info@geotime.com or call 416-203-3003